Things that help us and our partners
Altair Digital projects
Many business tools are already available to our partners, but we continue to refine old products and create new ones
AR applications
Augmented reality handouts
A few days before the session we distribute bookmarks, maps of the solar system and live posters to schools. If you download our application and scan a QR code from these cards, the viewers will see a mini-session of the Virtual Planetarium.
SpaceTouch ONE / VR applications
Mobile and virtual planetarium session management software
With the help of these applications session control becomes easier, all actions are carried out on the iPad: movies are selected and included, show statistics are collected.
Altair CRM
Session and departure planning system
Our own development: all planned Virtual Planetarium sessions are loaded into the system, which will facilitate the process of customer management. In this way, the session schedule is optimized for logistics.
Altair Hall
Virtual auditorium
We have digitized the hall of the real planetarium to make our viewers feel as comfortable and quiet as possible. We have worked out the smallest details - from the company logo on the back of the chairs to the emergency exit signs.
FULI system
Support service for planetariums
Service for management of movie devices and library, monitoring of viewing statistics, purchase of movies.
Altair Academy
Knowledge base for partner training
There are a lot of theoretical materials, tests and answers to possible questions of franchisees and their employees.
Statistics Service
Convenient business monitoring system
The number of screenings, profit per session, number of children are taken into account to facilitate reporting. You can remotely see where the screenings take place and how many sets are being used.
VR Encyclopedia
Interactive guide to all areas of life
Our biggest and most ambitious project. Its essence is to gather all sorts of facts and answers to questions in one place and present them to the user in VR format. It is in development.

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