From mobile planetariums to VR
History of
Altair Digital
Start of our path and development of the company

In 2010, we bought our first mobile planetarium and started to work with local schools. Gradually, our network expanded and a year later Altair Digital Holding was founded.

To organize our business, we needed an inflatable dome and a projector, with the help of which we showed educational films on astronomy to students. At that time, such events caused incredible emotions among children, because most of the students then visited the planetarium for the first time. We visited 10-15 schools a week, which brought income for further expansion.

By purchasing additional sets of equipment, we gradually built the largest network of mobile planetariums in Russia and introduced half a million children to astronomy.
Alexei Irkov and Konstantin Urvantsev — founders of the holding
How we developed the Virtual Encyclopedia

Beginning of 2017
In early 2017, we developed our own product. Our bold ideas were implemented using virtual reality technology. By adapting Fulldome films to the VR format, we were able to maintain the same image quality as films in the world's most expensive planetariums.

This is a new stage in the development of the industry. With the help of virtual reality we transfer children to a real planetarium and show popular science films created by international studios.
The process of creating the Virtual Encyclopedia Hall
New product on the market

2017 - currently
In 2017, our team packed our long-term experience and new business into a demanded franchise. There are no similar products on the market.

The professional planetarium, which has been transferred to the virtual reality, is used as a business tool for additional education. Owners of the Virtual Encyclopedia organize paid shows of scientific films in schools and other educational institutions.

At the moment, we have developed a network of partners in Russia through a franchise, and our representatives in 17 countries every day bring us closer to our main mission: to provide children from the most remote corners of the world with access to quality and modern education that stimulates the desire for knowledge!
Altair Digital partners around the world

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Startup Tour 2017

Startup Tour 2017
1st place

Mosgorteh on the track "Educational Technologies"
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"Education and Career" exhibition
"Mosgortech" 2017 "Educational Technologies"

"Business Success" in the category "Socially Responsible Entrepreneur"
"Golden Mercury" in the category "Best Small Innovative Enterprise"
First prize winner
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"Recommended by the teaching community"
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"Young Entrepreneur of Russia" 2013 in the category "Business Development in the Sphere of Leisure, Culture and Recreation"
1st place
"The Best Small Business of the Year in Novosibirsk" in the Innovations category
"Business Success" in the category "Best Trade and Services Project"
"Young Entrepreneur of Russia 2012" in the category "Socially Responsible Business"
2nd place

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